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Dale Baekhyun Layout 2 2013 Look-AlikeMichael Suga Layout 2 2013 Look-AlikeAndrea Seohyun Layout 2 2013 Look-AlikeKristine IU Layout 2 2013 Look-AlikeDale Baekhyun Layout 1 2013 Look-AlikeMichael Suga Layout 1 2013 Look-AlikeAndrea Seohyun Layout 1 2013 Look-AlikeKristine IU Layout 1 2013 Look-AlikeDale Baekhyun Layout 3 2013 Look-AlikeMichael Suga Layout 3 2013 Look-AlikeAndrea Seohyun Layout 3 2013 Look-AlikeKristine IU Layout 3 2013 Look-AlikeDale Baekhyun Layout 4 2013 Look-AlikeMichael Suga Layout 4 2013 Look-AlikeAndrea Seohyun Layout 4 2013 Look-AlikeKristine IU Layout 4 2013 Look-Alike

Portraits: 2013 KPOP Idol Look-Alike Contest

Part of the prize of the 2013 winners of the Philippine KPOP Committee, Inc.’s 5th annual KPOP Idol Look-Alike Contest is a photo shoot. With me. Some 13 magazine covers, editorial features, foreign-act concert coverage, and brand campaigns since last year’s shoot, I decided to give these kids a taste of photos worthy of glossies and billboards.

Here’s the catch: convince most (or some discerning fans, at least) of the KPOP idols that the winners are worthy of this year’s crowns. Of the several dozen entries, the ones with the most number of unique comments (not likes) were subject to several independent judges’ scrutiny for image accuracy until these 4 lucky contenders, 2 boys and girls each, reigned supreme:

Dale Villanueva aka Baekhyun of EXO
Michael Pequit aka Suga of Bangtan Boys
Andrea Rodriguez aka Seohyun of SNSD
Kristine Denise Bauto aka IU

Final renders of the photos can be viewed on PKCI’s facebook page via this link.